Workshop Registration

Register by filling out the three printable NACCAS Workshop Registration Forms Below


  • To pay the Workshop Registration fee by check, you must mail the COMPLETED Workshop Registration form and check to NACCAS by Certified Mail or other TRACEABLE MEANS.


  • To pay the Workshop Registration fee by credit card, you must fax the COMPLETED Workshop Registration form to NACCAS at (703) 379-2200.  Then contact Lupeachra Davis at (703) 600-7600 ext. 131 to provide your credit card information.

If you are a New School or you have any questions regarding the Workshop Registration Process, please contact Allen Harmon at the NACCAS Office at  (703) 600-7600 Ext 115 or by e-mail @

Printable NACCAS Workshop Registration Forms Below:
These forms can be filled out on your computer then printed and mailed with your check.

Name of Registrant: Email:
Name of Registrant: Email:
Name of Registrant: Email:
Name of Registrant: Email:
Reference Number(s) of
School(s) Represented:

We Must Have School Reference Number(s) of ALL schools represented to ensure proper credit of attendance to the schools.
     Please write the reference number of the 
     school where you would like your payment
     applied: _______________________

Name of Business:
Mailing Address:


Business Phone:
Home Phone:

All Workshop Fees are Non-Refundable this includes "No Shows."  Please remember that in order to receive credit for the workshop you must attend them in its entirety. 

Be sure to make your travel arrangements so you do not leave the workshop early.  Please be aware that sometimes hotel room temperatures vary, please dress appropriately in layers to adjust to changes in room temperatures.

You may transfer to another workshop at least 14 days prior to the start of the workshop for which you are registered.

Check the workshop you wish to attend:

NACCAS 2012-2013 Workshops
  Select   Date   Workshop Location
     June 22**, 23, 24, 25*, 2013   Crystal City, VA
      September 28**, 29, 30, October 1*, 2013   St. Louis, MO
      December 7**,8,9, 10*, 2013   Las Vegas, NV

**Accreditation for the Candidate Schools: attendance at the first day of the workshop is mandatory for new schools.  There is no additional fee.
Initial and reaccreditation schools are required to attend days two and three of the workshop.  Attendees must remain until the conclusion of the third day to receive workshop attendance credit.              
* NACCAS Evaluator Training: attendance at the second, third and fourth day of the workshop is required. Evaluator Training will end at 1:00 pm on the fourth day.

Registrations for accreditation workshops is $365 per person ($565 if they are mailed after the posted deadline for each workshop).

Type of Workshop No. of Attendees

Amount $

Accreditation (per attendee)

Evaluator Training*
(Only for those who Qualify)


Accreditation for the Candidate School*


Late Registration Fee* $200
Total amount of enclosed check   $

*Please note: The $365.00 registration fee includes the candidate seminar class and evaluator training as applicable, there is a  Late Workshop Registration fee of  an additional $200.00 per person for those who those who register after the published cut-off date. 

The registration fee is waived for those attendees who are attending the Accreditation Workshop and Evaluator Training and are not receiving credit for a NACCAS-accredited school.

Evaluator Training: (Only For Those Who Are Interested in Becoming a NACCAS Evaluator)
check qualified evaluator category
School Owner/Administrator

National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, Inc.

Information Disclosure Policy

This Information Disclosure Policy is intended to explain to you (1) how NACCAS gathers personally-identifiable information from you, (2) the uses to which that information may be put, (3) NACCAS’ policy concerning sharing that information with third parties and (4) your right to request that NACCAS not share your information with others.

The Information We Collect

You provide specific personal information during the Accreditation Workshop registration process. The information includes: your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and payment information for the workshop attendance.

How We Use the Information

We use the information you provide about yourself to verify and respond to inquiries about your institution and to notify you about the status of your workshop registration. From time to time we may also send you additional information about proposals, changes to NACCAS Standards, Rules, or By-Laws. We may disclose personal information in response to legal process (e.g. in response to a court order or subpoena). We may also disclose such information in response to a law enforcement agency’s requests. We will not sell or transfer personally identifiable information provided to us to parties outside our organization except as described below.

Collection of Information by Third Party Entities

Other industry organizations and providers of industry products and services whose information practices may be different than ours may want to obtain your personal information to contact you.

Special Note 

If you do not want your information shared with third party entities check the box below:

Do not share my personal information with third party entities.

 Name of School ________________________________________________________________

E-mail address _________________________________________________________________

Your name (print) _______________________________________________________________


Return this form with your check payable to:

3015 Colvin St.
Alexandria, Virginia 22314