Staff Directory

Executive Office

  photo: Tony Mirando Tony Mirando, M.S., D.C. Bio Executive Director


  photo: Demara Stamler Demara Stamler Bio Director of Accreditation x137
  Carol Orsini Bio Accreditation Manager - Compliance x170
  photo: Mary Nell Myers Mary Nell Myers Bio Accreditation Manager x152
  photo: Eddie Broomfield Eddie Broomfield Bio Accreditation Manager x101
  Susie Kofler Bio Travel Manager x129
  Shanna Love   Administrative Assistant x102
  Monique Torres Bio Compliance Coordinator - Utah x117
  photo: Jamie Havens Jamie Havens Bio Accreditation Analyst x151
  Danielle Armstrong Bio Accreditation Analyst x140

  photo: Cassandra Billups Cassandra Billups Bio Independent Contractor Peer Evaluator (ICPE) Specialist x156
  Tina Waltower Bio Accreditation Coordinator - FRC (File Review Committee) x146
  Desiree Spears Bio Office Administrator/Compliance Analyst - Utah x168
  Alyson Rowe Bio Compliance Coordinator x148
  Brittany Salazar Bio ISS Review Analyst x162 

Information Technology & Communications

  photo: Michael Pickus Michael Pickus Bio Director of Information Technology and Communications x135
  Zoul-Kifl Pio Bio IT & Production Specialist x115 


  Claire Wurmfeld Bio Director of Finance x132
  Shepherd Fru-Ndi Bio Senior Accountant x149
  photo: Jeanette Walker Jeanette Walker Bio Pre-Screener X114
  photo: Lupeachra Davis Lupeachra Davis Bio Accounts Receivable x131
   Sharise Odems Bio Accounts Payable x160
  Val Gonzalez Bio Financial Analyst x116

Government Relations and Legal

  photo: Darin Wallace Darin Wallace, Esq. Bio Director of Government Relations and Legal x159
  photo: Erykah Wilkerson Erykah Wilkerson Bio Administrative Assistant - DGR/Legal x141

Human Resources and Training

  photo: Alicia Williams Alicia Williams, PHR Bio Director of Human Resources and Training x138

Research and Compliance Reporting

  photo: Jason Tiezzi Jason Tiezzi Bio Director of Research and Compliance Reporting x155 
  Michelle Stock   Research and Compliance Analyst x121
  Chiji Alily Chiji Alily Bio Research and Compliance Analyst x177
  Brett Jones Bio Research and Compliance Analyst x191