Staff Directory

Executive Office

  photo: Tony Mirando Tony Mirando, M.S., D.C. Bio Executive Director


  photo: Eddie Broomfield Eddie Broomfield Bio Interim Director of Accreditation x101
  Carol Orsini Bio Accreditation Manager - Compliance x170
  photo: Mary Nell Myers Mary Nell Myers Bio Accreditation Manager x152
  Susie Kofler Bio Travel Manager x129
  Danielle Armstrong Bio Accreditation Analyst x140

  photo: Cassandra Billups Cassandra Billups Bio Independent Contractor Peer Evaluator (ICPE) Specialist x156
  Tina Waltower Bio Accreditation Coordinator - FRC (File Review Committee) x146
  Alyson Rowe Bio Compliance Coordinator x148
  Brittany Salazar   Accreditation Analyst x162 
  Russie Allen   Accreditation Analyst x154
  Khairi Scott   Accreditation Analyst x125
  photo: Sharrelle Tibbs Sharrelle Tibbs   Accreditation Administrative Assistant x112
  photo: Kiara Jackson Kiara Jackson   Administrative Assistant x147

Information Technology & Communications

  photo: Michael Pickus Michael Pickus Bio Director of Information Technology and Communications x135
  Zoul-Kifl Pio Bio IT & Production Specialist x115 
  Shanna Love   Document Specialist x102


  Claire Wurmfeld Bio Director of Finance x132
  photo: Jeanette Walker Jeanette Walker Bio Pre-Screener X114
  photo: Lupeachra Davis Lupeachra Davis Bio Accounts Receivable x131
   Sharise Odems Bio Accounts Payable x160
  Val Gonzalez Bio Financial Analyst x116

Government Relations & Legal

  photo: Darin Wallace Darin Wallace, Esq. Bio Director of Government Relations and Legal x159
  photo: Erykah Wilkerson Erykah Wilkerson Bio Sr. Administrative Assistant - DGR/Legal x141

Human Resources, Operations, & Training

  photo: Alicia Williams Alicia Williams, PHR Bio Director of Human Resources and Training x138

Research & Compliance Reporting

  photo: Jason Tiezzi Jason Tiezzi Bio Director of Research and Compliance Reporting x155 
  Michelle Stock   Research and Compliance Analyst x121
  Brett Jones Bio Research and Compliance Analyst x191